Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lack of Posts and Lack of Pictures

Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures. No excuses but we have been busy with our daily chaos. I am sure you all understand. Bia got sick this week. Luckily D was off on Monday so he and the girls stayed home. Tuesday D worked from home and yesterday I did. Bia seems to be back to normal now ... yeah! Hopefully our crazy rainy weather (not sure if you heard but we even had a tornado watch today - crazy weather in the desert) won't cause the rest of us to get sick. D has been fighting a cold the past few days too ... Chatty scored a goal in her soccer game last week and Poppa got it on camera, as soon as I get it, I will post it. As usual that was an exciting event for her (and us)! Some pictures from the week (sorry - none of Chatty!)

My first sewing project. D's mom bought me a machine this summer and I finally found a good starter project. Our ever so gentle (not) girls knock the closet doors off the track frequently, so we decided to take them off for good in Bia's room. I bought some fabric and sewed some curtains for her closet doors(yes the left one is a little shorter - I kind of messed up with the scissors - remember this is my 1st project). I think she needs her name or something (wood or foam letters hanging from the top) to give it some pizazz ... but that will be another project.

Sick Day #2 - Quality time with puppy

Sick Day #3 - Playing her matching game

In bed tonight with all of her animals (4 dogs, 1 monkey)

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