Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Trip To Florida ...

But this time it was to the west coast for a wedding. It felt so weird to be in Florida and not be in Daytona and visiting family! We're sorry we didn't have time to trek over there, we thought of you a lot while we were in Tampa though! L kept asking why we couldn't see Granny, Mama, Edie, Aunt Susan, Jack, etc.

L was a great flower girl (I was very nervous but she did great)! She had a great time and loved hanging out with the ring bearer (who is 3 years older than her but about the same height!)! We missed having S with us but she was spoiled a ton by Nana and Poppa! Here are some pics from the wedding festivities.
At the rehearsal dinner with her Godfather Uncle Greg

Visiting the merchant ship USS Victory

Not sure she would make the best captain

L and the Groom to be - he may throw her overboard!
Ready for the wedding
L and Angie

L and the ring bearer - isn't he cute?
So sweet!
Not sure what was up with my camera and the haze ...

The Bride's Sister (a Kindergarten teacher) and L
The two ring bearers and the flower girl
She absolutely loved him! He was so sweet!

The couple dancing the night away

Dancing with her Godfather
Dancing with the bride and groom

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