Monday, October 26, 2009

Mother of the Year

Saturday was L's second soccer game. She was pretty excited for it. Before the game we discussed how we have to follow through and not stop when we get close to the goal. During the first half I thought it was going to be a repeat of last week. She kicked it towards the goal but rather than following through (as we discussed all morning) and actually scoring the goal herself she let the defender get it and he (accidentally) kicked it in the goal. So she got an assist and credit for the actual goal. After the game she comes running over and says Mom "I scored a goal!" I looked at her and said "The one from the first half that went off the other team's player?" "No mom I scored another one and you weren't even paying attention!" I hate to admit it but she is right. I was chatting away with a couple of the other moms and watching S and completely missed her goal. To top it off neither D or I remembered to bring the camera so I have no photographic evidence. I guess I just lost my shot at the Mother of the Year award (again)!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More soccer picutres courtesy of Pop-pa -
Not sure what she is saying here - loves to talk with her hands

Photos from the almost goal .....
All alone .. watch her go ...
One last person to beat ....

Then she stops and does some type of hop as she waits for the goalie to pick it up ...

Soccer Anyone?

Saturday was L's first soccer game of the season. She did pretty well - almost had a goal - she got the ball and dribbled it ball down to the goal (it was just her and the goalie) and stopped. I think she was afraid she was going to kick the goalie. Later I told her to keep kicking it until it is in the goal - no stopping! The next time she went in she asked to be goalie. She did ok but she is a much better offensive player because she is taller and faster than a lot of her teammates. I tried to encourage her to play more offense ... so we will see. Below are some pictures ...

Posing in the net for Mom
Waiting to make a big save
S just chilled while L was playing - it was sooo hot that day!

I finally got her to smile for me
We went to Dave & Buster's the other night and a machine was broken so L got 206 tickets!
S and Daddy driving the race car!

L & S both loved the Daytona race cars!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding Fun

Yesterday D, L and I attended a wedding for a good friend of mine. She used to work for me (I hired her for her first job out of college). Since then we have both left that company and now work for the same company, but different divisions. Anyway we have stayed good friends and it was great to be there for her special day. Below are some pics (in no particular order) ....

L Dancing with the Bride ... L loves to dance!
Drinking Sparkling Cider for the toast

Patiently waiting for the reception to start

Daddy and his big girl (btw-she has a jordan almond in her mouth)

Our family - minus S!

Mommy and he chatty girl!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Costumes and Kites

No final decisions on costumes yet. Currently S wants to be Nemo (fortunate for us she fits in L's old Nemo costume). But as with most 2 year olds this is subject to change on a daily basis. Our neighbor offered her daughter's Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) costume for L to wear. The thing is L has never seen the movie and has no idea who Dorothy is. Plus D and I don't really like the movie (yes I know it is a classic and most people love it but we don't). My neighbor says she also has a red cape that she can wear over it to go as Little Red Riding Hood. I asked L if she knew who Little Red Riding Hood was and she proceeded to tell me the story. So at this point we are leaning towards that option. D is all for this option as it means $0 spent on their costumes this year! Being the bargain hunter he is, D even suggested giving S L's old bike for Christmas this year. I vetoed that one immediately! We had a good weekend, other than our football teams losing on Saturday. But the Phillies won last night so that was a bright spot for the sports teams. A few pictures of the girls playing outside yesterday.

It's blurry - but such a great smile I couldn't resist posting it
Not wanting to share with Nina

Dressing up with the neighbor's stuff

Run like the wind ... flying a kite

After a a great kite flight and showing her love for her Phillies!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Leader of the Pack

Last week I had a day off and volunteered in L's classroom. Since I wasn't going to work L was able to ride the bus to school. She was super excited (as was S who packed a backpack with her blankies, puppy and monkey to take sissy to the bus stop). So we get to the bus stop and L patiently waits for JR (neighbor across the street) to get there. He gets there and shortly afterwards the bus pulls up. All the kids get in line to get on and the following happens:

The afternoon bus (the only one L had ridden up until last week) is #122, but apparently the morning one is #119. I didn't even look at the numbers, knowing all my neighbors' kids who ride the bus everyday (including JR) were getting on and going to the same school as L. A frantic L yells, "JR this isn't our bus, our bus is #119, this is #122, we can't get on" and pulls JR away from the bus. JR looks a little bewildered but says "OK" and follows L's lead. I calmly assured L this was the correct bus and told her and JR to get on. As I am leaving the bus stop I am relaying the story to my neighbor and she says "Oh she will make a great wife - already giving directions and telling the boys what to do." Then another neighbor (a husband) says "Yep and like a good husband JR followed right along!" Then when I get to school L's (fabulous) Kindergarten teacher tells me how much she enjoys having L in her class and what a natural leader she is. I was thinking to myself, if only you saw her in action at the bus stop this morning! Besides saying great things about my kid, her teacher has the patience of a saint. God bless her, she is amazing with those kids! We are very lucky to have her! Let's hope L doesn't continue to practice her leadership (aka Miss Bossy Pants) skills with her little sister! S follows along for a little while, but definitely has her own agenda!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is it Really Fall???

It has been so hot here for so long .... but finally this weekend the weather cooled down a bit. Yes we get excited when the highs are in the high 80's to low 90's. The evenings cooled off enough for me to wear a sweatshirt! Yeah! Needless to say we spent a lot of time playing outside with the neighbors this weekend. Below are a few pictures ... D took them and they are almost all of S. I think L was too busy riding her bike, scooter or just running around.

I think she may have more skills at soccer than her big sis ... time will tell

Her little mischievous look!

Time for a ride in the wagon

Ready for batting practice! She needs a Phillies cap!

D took this while she was napping on Saturday! So sweet!

Proof that she sleeps with lots of things!