Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Soccer Anyone?

Saturday was L's first soccer game of the season. She did pretty well - almost had a goal - she got the ball and dribbled it ball down to the goal (it was just her and the goalie) and stopped. I think she was afraid she was going to kick the goalie. Later I told her to keep kicking it until it is in the goal - no stopping! The next time she went in she asked to be goalie. She did ok but she is a much better offensive player because she is taller and faster than a lot of her teammates. I tried to encourage her to play more offense ... so we will see. Below are some pictures ...

Posing in the net for Mom
Waiting to make a big save
S just chilled while L was playing - it was sooo hot that day!

I finally got her to smile for me
We went to Dave & Buster's the other night and a machine was broken so L got 206 tickets!
S and Daddy driving the race car!

L & S both loved the Daytona race cars!

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