Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap

Forewarning: Picture Overload!!

Friday - D's Birthday: The four of us went to dinner to celebrate Daddy's 36th birthday.  After dinner we came home and ate cake.

Saturday - Bia's Birthday: Started off the day with leftover birthday cake for breakfast (aka breakfast of champions).  Bia told me on Saturday morning she wanted to go shopping at Costco and go to the gym (we didn't have time for the gym but we did shop at Costco).  After breakfast she opened her presents

A card from the Philly Phanatic!

Then it was off to her best buddie's birthday party at the train park.

After the party we met Nana, Poppa, Uncle Greg and Mrs. T at Oreganos.  Below is a picture of Bia with her new monkey from Nana and Poppa - it sings and dances!

Since we had so much cake on Friday and Saturday, we saved Bia's monkey cake until Sunday and invited our neighbors over to share.

Two birthdays down and one to go ... that and a joint birthday party! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bia's 3rd Birthday!!

Bia is officially a three year old today - hard to believe our little baby is now 3!!  We love you sweet little Bia!!!

2 days old
Baptism - 2 Months Old 2007

1 Year Old - 2008

2 Years old - 2009

3rd Birthday Invitation Picture - 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mr. ESPN's National Holiday

Today is Mr. ESPN's National Holiday - aka Birthday!  To celebrate I made him a golf ball cake.  This was practice for Chatty's soccer ball cake (per Mr. ESPN's suggestion).  Let's just say I was so worn out making the dimples on the ball that my writing was a little off centered.  Good thing Mr. ESPN isn't picky!  To celebrate Mr. ESPN wants to eat out at a restaurant that had multiple televisions to watch the NCAA basketball tournament ... the man has his priorities!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ESPN - WE LOVE YOU!!!

Here are some pictures of his "golf ball" cake

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Parties and More Parties

Last weekend we went to two neighborhood birthday parties.  First off was Baby B's 1st birthday.

Chatty, Bia and our other neighbor checking out the loot!

The birthday girl and her BIG cupcake

The big kids enjoying some ice cream and cupcakes

Bia decided to taste the bubbles too

Bia got a haircut that morning ..

The following evening we went to our other neighbor N to celebrate her 4th birthday.  She really wanted a princess cake so I volunteered to make a doll cake for her.  It was supposed to be Cinderella (was a Cinderella doll) but my blue wasn't quite the right shade.  N loved it though!

The birthday girl and her cake

Bia loves cake

Got Milk?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kindergarten Fun Day

On Friday Chatty had Kindergarten Fun Day aka Field Day.  They have several different events, all of which Chatty loved.  It was perfect Spring weather in the desert.

Leading the pack in the 50 yard dash

Waiting for the parachute game

Football relay ... nice form huh?

Tug of War

Obstacle Course
Dancing the "Cha-cha Slide"

Chatty and some of her Kindergarten Buddies

Roller Relay on the basketball court

You can see from her smile she loved this event!

An interesting note - the boy in the bottom corner of the last picture told me that Chatty likes to chase him on the playground and give him hugs!  Not sure what that was all about.  At first Chatty denied it when I asked her about it, but she did finally admit it!  Not looking forward to those teenage years!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Fun

Both of the girls had birthdays parties to attend this past week.  For Bia it was her best little "boy" friend.  They painted bird houses and other stuff and played outside.  It was a beautiful day for a party.

Painting her bird house

Swinging with her best bud S

Time for cake ...

Bia and the birthday boy waiting for the pinata

Chatty's friend's party was at the park ..

Jungle Jill brought her animals to show all of the kids

Chatty petting something furry

Posing with a furry animal

Playing with friends from school

A picture of our Easter tree Nana brought over and the girls decorated