Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap

Forewarning: Picture Overload!!

Friday - D's Birthday: The four of us went to dinner to celebrate Daddy's 36th birthday.  After dinner we came home and ate cake.

Saturday - Bia's Birthday: Started off the day with leftover birthday cake for breakfast (aka breakfast of champions).  Bia told me on Saturday morning she wanted to go shopping at Costco and go to the gym (we didn't have time for the gym but we did shop at Costco).  After breakfast she opened her presents

A card from the Philly Phanatic!

Then it was off to her best buddie's birthday party at the train park.

After the party we met Nana, Poppa, Uncle Greg and Mrs. T at Oreganos.  Below is a picture of Bia with her new monkey from Nana and Poppa - it sings and dances!

Since we had so much cake on Friday and Saturday, we saved Bia's monkey cake until Sunday and invited our neighbors over to share.

Two birthdays down and one to go ... that and a joint birthday party! 

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