Sunday, December 6, 2009


I know the real reason most of you read this blog is to see pictures of the girls, so I figured I would fulfill your wish tonight - I am nice like that! Ha Ha! Below are some of the pictures we had taken the other week with the girls. I was totally amazed at how well S did ... she smiled on cue and looked so cute (yes I know I am biased)! BTW - I ordered their aprons from a site on ETSY. She did a fabulous job and they were very reasonably priced. I wanted to get pictures in them before we actually baked in them. We are looking forward to baking some Christmas cookies in them this weekend!

One other note - L scored another GOAL this weekend in soccer. The game was scoreless going into the third quarter and L faked out the goalie and kicked a goal in to start the scoring! She was thrilled - and so was I! So fun so see her do so well! Her team won!!! YEAH!!

This was our Christmas card picture - I love it! I love how happy they are in this picture. Absolutely makes my heart melt!

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