Monday, September 28, 2009

Spark of the Week

In Kindergarten they have something called "Spark of the Week". Each student gets to be Spark of the week one time during the school year. As part of the privilege, the student gets to take Sparky the Bear home for the weekend, fill out a poster all about the student, send in pictures and a special snack. L was chosen as the very first Spark of the Week for her class. She was super excited. I asked her why she got picked and she said, "I just earned it Mom!" She was very proud of herself. Sparky joined us on several outings this weekend including the grocery store, a party and Sunday school! Tonight we have to take the pictures and put them in a scrapbook and detail the events of the weekend. Exciting for the student - but lots of work for Mom!!

L and Sparky grocery shopping

A picture in front of the pumpkin display at the grocery store

Baking Cookies with Sparky; L has on her Harrod's apron from cousin Carla and Sparky is sporting a Christmas apron Nana made for S

Football watching with the girls!

A family photo with Sparky!

Sunday school with Sparky (Grandma - I tried to put S in her dress that matches L, but she did not want to wear it yesterday)!

Dressed in their Sunday best!

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