Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Girls' Rooms

DPD painted SLD's room this past weekend ... we had found a Dalmatian comforter over a year ago really cheap and decided to decorate her room with it since she loves her puppy so much. We still have a few things to do to finish decorating it, but here are some pictures. SLD kept saying "daddy paint" every time she would go in her room. She seems to like it so that's good! If you notice I turned the character side of the comforter down so only the spots show. I am not a huge fan of character bedding but thought the spots looked ok. We do have a bed frame for her, but for now the bed is on the floor.

These curtains were extras I had. I really want to do something different, but not sure what.
LAD's room has been painted for a while now and we have been slowly trying to decorate it, little by little. Grandma is making a new cover for her window seat to match the blue (I didn't take any pics of the window seat). The walls still seem a little bare - it is so hard because they are so tall. I would love to have better decorating skills ....

One picture of the girls. LAD insisted I take their picture before I took shots of the rooms!

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