Friday, September 18, 2009

Ears and Teeth

I forgot to mention this in the last post, but L had a pretty bad ear infection last Friday. She ended up missing a 1/2 day of school which she wasn't too happy about. Luckily the ear drops the Dr. prescribed did the trick and by Sunday morning she was much much better. Thank goodness - she wasn't the most enjoyable person to be around for a couple days (not that I can blame her). Wednesday all the girls (L, S and me) had dentist appointments with Dr. Angel (yes that really is her name!). This was S's first time at the dentist and we weren't sure how well she would do. D came along as well to help manage the troops while I got my teeth cleaned. S was very hesitant at first but did finally warm up to Dr. Angel and let her count her teeth and brush them a little. L did fabulous as usual (she loves the dentist - I think it is because she has a huge treasure box where the kids get to pick out toys at the end). She took X-rays and we were able to see a lot of L's adult teeth starting to come through so it looks like she will be losing some more soon ... we will keep you posted. As you can tell by the lack of pictures on this post I forgot to bring my camera to the dentist.

We have a fun weekend ahead of us - dinner with the neighbors and hopefully some time playing outside. It is finally starting to cool off a tiny bit in the evenings here. Tomorrow our good friends are hosting a princess birthday party for their daughter. I will try to get some cute pics of the girls in their dresses. Sunday is church and relaxation time! In between we will be getting our fill of football! Have a good weekend!

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