Sunday, October 3, 2010

Everyhing I need to Know I Learned in First Grade

To say that Chatty is learning a lot this year is an understatement.  First they learned about volcanoes, then rocks and now the body - bones and muscles.  She got to ride the bus home on Friday afternoon and when she got off she was wearing this:

Nice work.  She even had her brain detailed on a headband

In other exciting news this week, Chatty lost another tooth!  Someone joked she was going to need dentures soon.

Chatty's soccer team had the week off but she was asked to sub on our sister team with girls a year older than her.  She did awesome - she held her own and almost scored a goal!  She loves playing with the older girls.  It helps that she is as tall as most of them.

 She did a great job dribbling past the other team

Getting directions from Coach K (who is her regular coach too)

After the game we went the every one's favorite pizza place to cool off (it was over 100 degrees at game time)! 

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