Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This past week was a whirlwind. You would think since I had 5 days off in a row I would have felt refreshed - not so much. Then yesterday I came back to work and it is crazy busy here this week.

Our Thanksgiving was great - good food, family, good friends, good wine - what more could you ask for. Only problem was I sent home all of the sweet potatoes with our guests and forgot to save some for D -oops!

Grandma and Grandpa's visit was good, although now I feel like my kids are going through detox ... Below is a pic from the last night they were here ... I don't know what happens, but we get so busy when they are here that I forget to take pictures ...

Grandma and Grandpa left on Saturday amidst tears from L ... once she recovered we headed to our good friends the Cottrells to catch the U of A vs ASU football game. Other than the near heart attacks (due to the poor play by U of A at times) we had a fabulous time and we celebrated a victory!! Of course all the kids were decked out in their CATS gear.

Now we are trying to get ready for Christmas. We have lots of activities ... so many things to do, so little time. Hope you all had a great holiday!

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