Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

So hear are some pictures of Nemo and Little Red Riding Hood. If Nemo looks familiar to you it is because L wore it a couple years ago. S absolutely loved being Nemo. She kept patting his face (her belly) and would say "Neeeemo" to tell everyone who she was dressed as. We borrowed L's costume from our neighbor. This was a very affordable Halloween for the Donatellis - $5 that I spent on tights and a t-shirt for Bia, both of whic she can wear this winter! The girls had a blast trick or treating with our neighbors and have enjoyed eating the candy. Although truth be told I have eaten a lot more than them! Ugh - time to get to the gym! Hope you all had a nice Halloween!

Aunt E - L hasn't mastered the fake smile yet ..

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