Monday, April 4, 2011

Catch Up Part Two - Disneyland

Part Two - Disneyland.  The kids were super excited to meet up with their cousins from Oklahoma (my cousin Jann and her family).  Chatty and her son Connor hit it off right away.  They loved hanging out with each other and riding rides together.  The was the first evening at the park.  They had only met a couple hours earlier.  

Bia wanted to wear her Tinkerbell costume our first full day at the park.  You would have thought she would be all excited ... but most of the day she asked if we could go back to the hotel.  Can you see the excitement in her face? 

As I mentioned above this excitement continued for quite a while ... more evidence below at the Princess stage

She did enjoy a few rides and smiled some.  That night we all had dinner in our hotel room and the kids started to watch a movie ... this is how we found them!  That's what all day at Disneyland will do to you.

Our last full day we headed to California Adventure for a few hours ... notice Bia's excitement here again

Chatty was excited to meet Buzz Light Year ... unfortunately our only picture with a character.  The lines were so long for everyone else!

All in all a fun trip with our cousins and our neighbors but D and I were glad to get home!  Taking kids to Disneyland is a lot of work! 

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