Monday, January 17, 2011

PF Changs Rock and Roll Half-Marathon

Yesterday D and I ran in the PF Changs Rock and Roll Half-Marathon (13.1 miles).  We have been training for several months in preparation for the big day.  There were so many people - I think they said there were a total of 30 thousand people running the half and full marathons.  We had several friends and co-workers who ran yesterday too.  Someone told me before the race that once you run one, it becomes addicting and you will want to run another ... I didn't believe her at the time.  But when D and I met up afterwards we both decided we want to run again next year!  He may even do the full marathon!  Yikes - my feet can't handle a full marathon - 26.2 miles!  Here are a couple pictures D took with his phone after the race.

Here's to staying fit and hopefully completing another one in 2012!

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