Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Party

Below are some pictures from the girls' joint birthday party.  This year we had it at our local train park.  They have a great deal (very reasonably priced) where you have a train car for 1.5 hours and during that time the staff plays outdoor games with the kids, feeds them cake and ice cream, takes them for a ride on the train and for a ride on the carousel.  All of the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Here are a few pictures ... I will try and post some tomorrow of Chatty's actual birthday (since I am a little behind on that as well).

We opted for cupcakes for the party. 
I made grass frosting and put soccer balls on top

Birthday Banner

Chatty playing the parchute game

Bia playing the parachute game

The big kids playing tug o war

Chatty excited after winning tug o war

Time for cupcakes and ice cream

Bia likes green frosting

Chatty on the train with (one of) her favorite boys S

Bia on the train with her favorite boy S

A photo in the conductor's seat

After we arrived home

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